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QuickScaf Aluminium Access was established in 2009 by father and son, Keith and Paul Thomas.

With over 30 years in the industry their experience and knowledge has serviced Perth and surrounding areas with scaffolding needs to the highest level.

In 2024 Keith moved into retirement, and brothers Oliver and Mani Bisschops took over ownership and management of the business. This family run business is here to help when it comes to planning and building the perfect scaffolding solution for your needs.

The team at Quickscaf offer a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial solutions to suit your needs and your budget. Aluminium modular, Aluminium mobile access, Birdcage access, Edge protection are just a few of the services Quickscaf can provide.

Safety First

Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing the highest QUALITY SAFE RELIABLE and efficient service.

"Quickscaf guarantee a scaffolding solution of the highest standard and safety. All scaffolding solutions meet Australian OH&S Standards and our staff are fully qualified and advanced in all areas of the industry. "

Oliver Bisschops Estimating Manager - QuickScaf

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